Zoe Wilkinson
(623-677), Lorelei Wilkinsons daughter, first seen when Lorelei visits her at her mother's house where she is babysitting her. Lorelei is then arrested for theft and impersonating a police officer and sent to Wentworth. Whilst Lorelei is in Wentworth, her mother becomes too ill to look after Zoe and gives her to the Hosking family to look after while she is in hospital. After Lorelei is acquitted of her charges she finds out her mother has died and the Hosking family are refusing to give Zoe back. After Lorelei loses the custody battle, she commits an armed robbery and kidnaps Zoe but later returns her to the mean Hosking family as she has nowhere to stay. When Lorelei returns to Wentworth, she has a mental breakdown and is sent to Ingleside where the Hosking family bring Zoe to see her.