Woodridge Prison was another prison that was used as a nearby alternate, usually when prisoners had to be transferred to or from for safety, after fires, and bomb scares.

Officers were transferred from Woodridge to Wentworth Detention Center after a riot, suggesting Woodridge was possibly one of the closest prisons to Wentworth, though its possible that it's supposed to be located in the suburb of Woodridge in Brisbane, Queensland.

Although women female inmates were transferred there for safety, Woodridge appeared to be a mens prison.

Woodrigde in 'Prisoner' Edit

  • Lainie Dobson worries that Alan/Ellen will be sent to Woodridge (355).
  • The women are to be transferred to Woodridge again when there is a bomb scare (387)
  • David Bridges is transferred from Woodridge (408)
  • Officers at Barnhurst, Woodridge and Blackmoor have joined the officers' strike (475)
  • Len Murphy is transferred from Woodridge (493)
  • Frank Burke, Geoff Macrae, Matt Delaney from Woodridge are moved to Wentworth for their own safety (499)
  • Geoff Macrae tells Len Murphy he knows he killed a prisoner called Kevin Wilson in Woodridge (502) and tells the police about it (511) to make it look worse for Len after Pixie's rape.
  • Extra officers are drafted from Woodridge after a riot (601).

Behind The ScenesEdit

The exterior of Woodridge Prison, was represented by part of Willsmere Hospital, in Kew, Melbourne. It was also known as the Kew Asylum, which was decomissionned in 1988.