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Wentworth is an Australian TV Drama produced for Pay TV. The show itself is inspired by classic TV show "Prisoner", or "Prisoner: Cell Block" H as it is known outside Australia. Described as a re-imagining, the show although inspired by the original, is a re-telling of events in a different way.

Cast Edit


Character Actor  Role  Status  Duration
Bea Smith Danielle Cormack Prisoner Alive 2013-Present
Frankie Doyle Nicole Da Silva Prisoner Alive 2013-Present
Doreen Anderson Shareena Clanton Prisoner Alive 2013-Present
Liz Birdsworth Celia Ireland Prisoner Alive 2013-Present
Jacs Holt Kris McQuade Prisoner Dead 2013


Character Actor  Role  Status  Duration
Meg Jackson Catherine McClements Governor  Dead 2013
Vera Bennett Kate Atkinson Deputy Governor Alive 2013-Present
Will Jackson Robbie Magasiva Officer Alive 2013-Present
Matthew Fletcher Aaron Jeffrey Officer Alive 2013-Present 
Erica Davidson Leeanna Walsman

Lawyer & Governor

Alive 2013-Present
Joan Fegurson Pamela Rabe  Governor Alive  2014-Present 

Season 1 (2013)Edit

Season 1 Premiered on May 1st, 2013 on Foxtel's SoHo channel. Factoring in repeat showings of the event, it became the most watched Australian Pay TV premiere. 

We focus on Bea's arrival at Wentworth Correctional Center, and her transition from a scared housewife, to an influential prisoner. It also re-introduces original characters Doreen, Lizzy, Franky, as well as some of the correctonal officers like Vera, Fletch, Meg, and Erica, and their journeys throughout the series.

Season 1 as well as focusing on the prisoners, also shows how it's not necessarily the prisoners who are living in a prison, and that the staff are mentally feeling like prisoners with their own lives as well.

No. of Episode Title  Directed By Written By Air Date Australian Views
1 No Place Like Home Kevin Carlin  Pete McTighe 1 May 2013 244,000 
2 Fly Me Away Kevin Carlin Pete McTighe 8 May 2013 102,000
3 The Girl Who Waited Catherine Millar Pete McTighe  15 May 2013 110,000
4 The Things We Do Catherine Millar Pete McTighe 22 May 2013 97,000
5 The Velvet Curtain Tori Garrett Pete McTighe 29 May 2013 115,000
6 Captive Tori Garrett Pete McTighe 5 June 2013 92,000
7 Something Dies Jet Wilkinson Pete McTighe 12 June 2013  97,000
8 Mind Games Jet Wilkinson Lally Katz & Emma J. Steele 19 June 2013 82,000
9 To the Moon Kevin Carlin Gulia Sandler  26 June 2013 77,000
10 Checkmate Kevin Carlin  Emma J. Steele  3 July 2013  125,000

Season 2Edit

Wentworth Prison was confirmed for a second series on June 5th 2013. This was on the same date as the 6th episode of the first season aired. Production began in late 2013 and started filming in 2014.

A Sneak peak was released in 2013, featuring Joan Ferguson.

It had been stated that the series will begin from 28th August 2014, but the premier date for Season 2 was later confirmed as 20th May 2014.

Season 3Edit

Wentworth Prison was confirmed for a third season in January 2014 before the second had even aired on TV.

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