The Weasel was a forger who was originally introduced through the recommendation of Doreen Anderson who informed Judy Bryant about him just in time for her escape. Judy approaches him in order to get a forged passport. He's highly reluctant at first, but is more encouraged to offer the service to Judy once he hears that she has connections with Debbie Ray (A pseudonym that Doreen Anderson goes by). They agree on a set price of $500 which is later increased to $1000 once he hears that Bryant is an escaped convict. He is then later reintroduced when he is visited by Helen Smart who goes to The Weasel to gain driving licenses for the Tunnel Escapees. Helen has to remind him of the favour that he had offered to Judy Bryant and forces him into forging the documents otherwise she would have called the police.


Helen Smart and an angry Weasel #165

Trivia Edit

The Actor, Colin Vancao, played a total of 8 different roles during his time at Prisoner (See More)


Colin as Det.Sgt.Lennox in #278