Albert "Wally" Wallace is a character first seen when Judy Bryant becomes friends with him. He becomes the love interest of governor Ann Reynolds.

First introduced when Judy is on the run after the tunnel escape, and he takes her back to his little potter’s cottage in the woods. Judy seeks refuge with him after Jock Stewart has fallen down the steps outside her flat (259)-(262), and is a character witness at her trial (269)-(270).Turns up again in time to help Judy set up Driscoll House (291) and again in (369), helping Judy with the second halfway house, though in this case his daughter Mikki is the cause of most of the problems. He gives pottery classes at Wentworth, and his first is interrupted by Brandy Carter attempting to seduce him (374). Ann invites him to stay in her attic and Ann’s son Paul helps him move in (379). By (390) he has started an affair with Ann, but he also has a fling with Paul’s solicitor Sam (413) and when Ann finds out this leads to a temporary break in the relationship. Wally leaves town in (420) but returns in (425) to visit Ann in hospital after her mastectomy. It is only because Wally takes Paul to the country to recuperate after being shot that Ann is able to return to work. He is mentioned in (456) when Ann promises Myra she will ask Wally to visit Kay in hospital, and returns in (459) at the fete (minus beard) when Pixie prophesies a tall dark handsome stranger for Ann. He ignores Ann’s warning and helps Myra when she escapes to get Kay off drugs, but Ann finds out about his involvement (465).