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She plays as Bea Smith on Prisoner Cell Block H. Valerie Kathleen Lehman (née Willis) (born 15 March 1943) known as Val Lehman is a Silver Logie winning Australian actress and director, best known for her role as powerful, cunning and sadistic top dog Queen Bea (Bea Smith) in the Australian TV series Prisoner (aka Prisoner: Cell Block H). She played the role for over four years before leaving the series in the 400th episode in 1983. Lehman received three Logies for her performance - (Best Lead Actress in a Series) and (Most Popular Actress) in 1982 and (Best Lead Actress in a Series) in 1983. She was twice nominated for theGold Logie Her real life daughter, Cassandra Lehman portrayed Bea Smith's drug-addicted daughter, Debbie. Her other daughter, Joanne also briefly appeared in Prisoner, during the first year of the series.

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