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  • Destroy robots

    I decided to change some of the slide show pictures on the main page. I just got sick of seeing the same things over and over again. I created a number of those sorts of pictures, and I plan to change them every few months or so.

    Also, I was thinking of image bar thingies linking to main catergories "Inmates, Screws, Seasons, Prisons, etc" so far I've uploaded two, and have been attempting to find a way to make them link, but still working on learning how to do it.

    Comments? Thoughts? Queries? "What the hell is he on about now?"

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  • Destroy robots


    October 15, 2011 by Destroy robots

    I got a message, saying PCBH wiki was up for adoption, so i adopted it. I think it means i'm now an administrator. I have made MaurizioAntoni1 and SuperKidBuu administrators (i think), so hopefully this will clear up some danger.

    If this action hasn't worked, please let me know so I may rectify this issue, and use an even greater number if importand sounding words in my next post,

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    October 9, 2011 by Destroy robots

    Just curious as to whether we need to add anything else to the PCBH wiki, such as new catergories, etc.

    So far, I think we have: Episodes, Screws, Inmates, Prisons, but just wondering whether we should start creating pages to do with slang, or locations seen/mentioned. Will give this some thought, but would like to hear any ideas from fellow contributors.

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