First seen in the halfway house: one of the prostitutes brought in by Tony Berman. Later arrives at Wentworth where she is inducted as Patricia Joyce Mann. She makes herself unpopular with the other women by sucking up to Nola McKenzie's and acting as her little helper. Attempts to bully Paddy for lagging, but is easily thwarted. Sides with Nola, until she drowns Paddy Lawson as revenge for her and Hazel lagging, and also to get a life sentence and avoid extradition to W.A., where Nola had a death sentence. Trixie, along with Maxine, Faye, Lil and Jacko joins the revenge gang attack on Nola, though she is later beaten herself by Nola. This seems to be Trixie's last appearance, as she is due for release the following day.