Terry Harrison was an officer at Wentworth Detention Centre appearing from Episode 199 - 223.

Terry HarrisonEdit

Terry is an old friend of Jim Fletcher's who is transferred to Wentworth from a country prison on promotion. He becomes romantically involved with Vera Bennett and moves in with her and later on he proposes marriage. A quite likeable sympathetic man at first sight. For some inexplicble reason he befriends Margo Gaffney and starts placing bets for her at the bookies. Margo tells Vera about it and Terry explaines it as "that sometimes it's worth cultivating a prisoner get some information". Margo secretly records one of their conversations onto a cassette and blackmails Terry for a transfer to Barnhurst unsuccessfully. Terry eventually gets a hold of the tape.

After that he gets a surprise when his ex-wife Kathy Hall arrives at Wentworth (213). She receives harmful threats and is bashed which causes Terry to investigate in the matter himself. The women suspect it's Dinah Walford who has been antagonizing Kathy since all the activities have seized since Dinah's parole. He tracks her down and she was responsible for the threats and the attack on Kathy to keep her silent about illegal business going on in a pawn shop she went to one night and witnessed involving Dinah and her friends. Terry goes to the pawn-shop asking questions which results in a "heavy" being sent to take care of the matter. He attacks Vera when she arrives home and Terry arrives only to be caught in the matter, saved in time by Jim Fletcher who arrives and knocks the thug unconscious from behind. Vera feels that things have gone too far and throws Terry out of her apartment saying that he must choose between her or his ex-wife Kathy.

He later creates a set up to have Kathy killed on the day of her release from Wentworth as revenge for their troubled relationship, to which she is immediately in a hit-and-run right outside the building in episode 220. In episode 223, Dinah and some of her gangster friends kidnap Terry to have him work for them or else they'll harm Vera. While trying to work out his relationship with Vera, he informs her on Kathy's death which leads to her telling Inspector Grace who knew Harrison was behind it all along.

To her surprise, Inspector Grace decides not to do anything as he has other plans for Harrison. He is seen talking to Grace outside the prison by one of Dinah's friends who looks at the conversation the wrong way.


Terry is killed in a hit-an-run as he is shot from behind by a road just outside of Wentworth while trying to reconcile with Vera once more.

Terry Harrison was played by Brian Hannan. [1]

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