Terri Malone
(540-576), is a bisexual corrections officer who temporarily became Joan Ferguson's live-in lover. Initially introduced as new officer transferred from maternity (540). She and Joan quickly find common ground and soon they are in a relationship and living together. When the women at Wentworth find out Terri resigns to avoid causing any trouble. She gets a job with a security firm (570) and begins an affair with her boss Barry. Joan finds out (572) but agrees to give Terri another chance, even agreeing to let her carry on seeing Barry. They continue to argue and Terri moves out (575). Joan and Terri have a confrontation at work and Terri tells Joan what she really thinks of her (576). When Terri calls at Joan's house later the same day to apologize, Joan does not answer the door and that is the last time we see Terri.

Terri Malone is portrayed by Margot Knight.

Notes Edit

  • Margot Knight's second appearance in Prisoner playing a lesbian love interest.
  • Also portrayed drug pusher Sharon Gilmour during episodes 090-116.