Tammy Fisher is one of the background characters in Prisoner Cell Block H. Prisoner, often seen in background from fairly early days, and given the name Tammy at least as early as (235) when Judy Bryant introduces a group of prisoners to the new arrival Kate Peterson. She has a silent scene with Lizzie Birdsworth in (253) when Jim Fletcher refers to her as Fisher. In (392) she falls victim to the lassa fever outbreak, but survives. First credited when she takes a meal to Bobbie Mitchell and Minnie Donovan in solitary (436) and speaks up at Sarah Higgins' trial by the women (499). She can be seen in the rec room arm in arm with her girlfriend when Joyce Barry demonstrates her dancing skills in (523). Killed by Ram, leader of the "terrorist" group who break into Wentworth to free Ruth Ballinger (551). The role of Tammy was taken over for a while by Louise Siversen. Her sister is Ros Fisher another background prisoner.

She is played by Gloria Ajenstat