Susan Rice

Susan Rice was an inmate of Wentworth Detention Centre, appearing from Episodes 025 - 029.
Susan Rice

Full Name:

Susan Rice


Shoplifting x4, assault in the first degree (grievous bodily harm)

First Appeared:

Ep 025

Last Appeared:

Ep 029


At a Psychiatric Unit.

Played by:

Briony Behets

Troubled LifeEdit

Susan Rice was married to a man named Fredrick Rice, and together they had children. Susan was left with her children as Frederick was away from home alot, working in the entertainment industry.

Susan was a mentally unstable woman who shoplifted deliberately to be put inside Wentworth, hoping for her husband to take notice.

In PrisonEdit

When first arriving at Wentworth, Susan refused to give her name, despite Vera warning her she could be charged without a name on the warrant. Susan still signed her admission form with an 'X', but her identity was later found by fingerprint match, as she had committed similar crimes while living in Sydney.

Meg Morris, and Jean Vernon showed concern for Susan, who was clearly upset at her husband Frederick, believing him to have run off with pop star Jason Richards, which was why she was trying to get put inside prison, for Frederick to notice and pay her bail.

While inside, Susan doesn't get along at all with Doreen Anderson, who idolises Jason Richards as her favourite pop star, and while Doreen keeps talking of him, Susan gets angry. She cracks even further, when Jason appears on TV, going so far as ripping the plug from the TV breaking it.


On release from Wentworth, Susan is in the audience for a TV interview with Jason Richards. During the interview, she moves from the audience, goes onstage and throws acid in Jason's face, on live TV. She is naturally sent back to Wentworth, and as Meg escorts her to solitary, Doreen furious at what she has done attacks Susan, however the fight is broken up, and this is the last we see of Susan.

We learn that Frederick Rice and Jason Richards were the same person - Frederick was a singer, but realised he wasn't successful with a known family, and tried to re-invent his image as Jason Richards, a child free partying bachelor. Susan was unable to see this, and instead viewed him literally as two different people.

Susan Rice was played by Briony Behets.