Stuart Gillespie is a stern departmental overseer who comes to inspect the running of the prison and its security measures, following a number of incidents and escape attempts. His officious attitude and the harsh regimes he introduces antagonise both inmates, and most of the staff. It is his aggressive attitude that is one of the main reasons a bunch of the prisoners make an escape attempt through long-forgotten tunnels running from the prison garden. The escaped Judy makes a videotaped televised statement citing Gillespie as the main reason behind the escape, but is frustrated that his actual name is censored on the broadcast. Erica Davidson too is unhappy with Gillespie's work ethics, and the many complaints she receives about his regimes from her officers and complains to the Department. The women come up with a plot to force Gillespie's resignation - they deliberately let him overhear the planning of a letter by Lizzie, including some trumped up claims, about Gillespie, to the Ombudsman. Gillespie intercepts the letter and opens it, breaking the law, just as Ted Douglas arrives from the Department and catches him doing so, forcing Gillespie to resign.

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