Stanley Dobson starts work at Wentworth as a new officer transferred from another prison (425). Colleen Powell is not the only one to remark that he seems a little too close to retirement age to be suitable for active duty. He has his favourites, including Cass Parker and Bobbie Mitchell , and brings in his old pianola for the rec room. Pushing it brings on his heart condition, and Reb Kean puts
his life in danger by kicking his tablets out of his reach (428). The women present him with a retirement cake in (433). Although asked to return to work by Colleen (438), he does not do so and is not seen again until he applies for the handyman job at Wentworth (483). Edie believes he is working again as a prison officer, as he leaves home every morning wearing his old uniform and changing into his dungarees on the way. Lou Kelly's crony Nev Sloan sees him doing this and is able to blackmail him into proposing him a second workman at Wentworth. Bobbie is given permission to visit Stan and Edie at home (491) and Stan has to cover for Bobbie when she is caught breaking into her father's house to rescue her sister (492). Shortly afterwards, Stan has a heart attack and when Bobbie visits him in hospital he warns her that officer Len Murphy is a very dangerous man (493). Although we are not told this, he makes a full recovery, as he and Edie apply for Bobbie to come and live with them and visit Wentworth to speak to Ann Reynolds before the parole hearing in (513).