Rose Simpson is better known as Spider Simpson and is an inmate in Wentworth Detention Center serving from ep 649-686. She gets transferred from C Block in 650 after Kath Maxwell pays a woman in C Block to light a fire in Spiders cell but Spider gets the blame. She has one of the biggest rackets in Wentworth. She has all kind of things such as boozes, sweets and even a key which a lot of people want to buy. She acts racist towards Sarah West and ends up getting painted as some black creature. She also has a fake gun which Kath buys for protection, but Merle gets hold of it and almost gets shot. Her and Vicki decide to play a joke on Merle by pretending that Craven 's ghost was haunting her. She has a stock of goodies under the shed which Kath Maxwell steals, and she supplies the women, but she doesn't know that the chocolates with green wrappers were poisoned. Alice buys three chocolates with green wrappers, but Rita eats all 3 of them. After Rita passes out, Vicki gets cold feet and reckons that they should tell the other women. She gets bashed by Rodney Adams , and Joan Ferguson tells him that he's gone too far. Wendy Glover is responsible for getting her arrested. Spider and Alice team up to topple Kath by stealing from the shop and giving presents to the women, but Kath takes advantage of the situation by telling the women she did it. Rita took a key from Spider and Spider took photos of Rita's brother Bongo in return for the key. Spider asks for Protection from Joan, Joan takes the key and Spider rips the photos. She was transferred to Barnhurst for that incident.