Sonia Stevens, the Ice Queen, was an inmate who appeared from episode 394- 447, she was the last rival of Bea Smith and was a cool vice queen who had operated a protection racket fleecing prostitutes whilst maintaining a cover as a policeman's wife.

Life In PrisonEdit

Sonia Stevens arrives in 394, and suddenly, we have a new rival for Bea Smith, eventually helping to get Bea transferred to Barnhurst. Sonia isn't as rough as some of the other prisoners and rarely uses intelligence, and it isn't long before the others discover her story.

Helen Smart recognizes her and reveals that Sonia is well known for protection rackets and supplying prostitutes with heroin. Bea decides not to act, but chooses to hear all the facts first. During this time, Phyllis tries to threaten Sonia, first with a sewing "accident" causing Sonia to get a needle through her finger, and later by putting razor blades in Sonia's soap. Sonia immediately sees the trick, then swaps the soap with Phyllis who then uses it and cuts herself.

Sonia teams up with Joan Ferguson to get rid of Bea by provoking fights. Joan is set up to catch Bea take a swing at Sonia, and also provoke Bea into attacking Joan herself.  Bea is transferred leaving Sonia to be the Top Dog, but her time as Top Dog is short lived, when the title is eventually taken over jointly by Cass Parker and Minnie Donovan.

After the production of illicit booze, Cass and Minnie manage to make Sonia drink it all herself. After the arrival of new prisoner Bobbie Mitchell, Sonia makes her tape Minnie's conversation on her Walkman, also borrowing her Walkman to tape a conversation with The Freak.

Sonia has a narrow escape from killer screw David Bridges when he agrees to arrange her "escape." Fortunately, Randi Goodlove takes Sonia's place and is killed instead of her (414).

Sonia must also deal with new prisoner Belinda Johns, who is seeking retribution from Sonia for being made blind. In the end, Belinda is unable to kill Sonia.

Sonia is told that her husband Eddie Stevens has been killed in a car accident and believes it's Rick Manning who arranged the death. Eddie's death had been faked to allow him to go undercover to try to nail two cold police officers Mears and Birmingham. They visit Sonia to "question" her, and one of them gives her cyanide to poison Rick. Sonia tricks a new prisoner Gloria Payne to put the poison in Rick's food, telling her it's a "laxative" powder, but the glass of milk she puts it in is split by Cass before Rick can drink it.

Sonia is eventually transferred to Barnhurst along with Bobbie Mitchell, but it turns out the transfer is a set up organised by Kurt Renner's gang. Bobbie is more or less an innocent victim of the saga. Kurt Renner kidnapped Sonia in order to get closer to Eddie Stevens, who once shot Renner.

Sonia soon finds out that she has been kidnapped not by the Fellowes gang, but by the Sydney-based gangster Kurt Renner, who intends to use her as bait to get Eddie onto his patch to settle a score with him. It is implied that Sonia is partly trying to keep Bobbie alive by making her survival essential to Renner's plan.

Joan Ferguson is in Sydney to visit her father, and naturally... spots Bobbie. Sonia agrees to meet Eddie and watches him get shot the following day. Bobbie is eventually captured.

Sonia was last seen overlooking a cliff in Sydney. After that, police found the car she stole with bullet holes and no blood stains. It was never established what happened to Sonia, but fan speculation ran rife.

In episode 447 Sonia steals Kurt Renners gun, later in that episode Sonia has her last scene and that is her looking over a cliff, later the police come and find the car that Sonia stole with gunshots on it that can mean two things either there was a gun fight and Sonia died or she shot the car with the gun she stole from Kurt Renner to make it look like there was a gun fight and she died. ( Sonia might have gotten the idea from her husband, Eddie Stevens because he also faked his death).

Sonia Stevens was played by Tina Bursill