Sister Hall is Wentworth's nurse. Played by the same actress as Sister Johnston who takes long term leave in (304), and possibly meant to be the same character, now married? Called out to Bobbie after accident leading to her miscarriage (460). Willie's blackout after a locker lands on her (562). Credited in (592), (594), Jessie poisoned by grog (611), when Lou Kelly is in sickbay (614), Dan after Bongo runs him over (618), treats Nancy's cuts after Julie goes for her with a knife while tripping on acid (625); Lexie after bashing (627); asked to transcribe Kath's coke addled remarks (634); credited (645) but actually appears in (646) when Rita pretends to faint and Alice Jenkins is sprayed with an aerosol. Tells Ann Reynolds there is no immediate physical evidence of Lorelei's rape (670). Tends Rita after her beating by Blackmoor officers (671). Attacked by Merle Jones when she is released from her restraints by Brumby (685).