Brought to Wentworth on remand for possession of drugs (519). Her personal hygiene is a subject of comment from the other women, but her musical skills soon become apparent when she sings a neat blues song after lights out. Judy Bryant helps her to gain confidence and teaches her "Pixie's song" to wean her off her own songs which are tuneless drivel and Lexie helps her with make-up hints. Sheila is released in (526). She is next heard on the radio as "Shelly" Brady singing a thinly disguised version of "Pixie's song" which is a huge hit (530). After Judy Bryant starts legal action to claim her rights to the song, Sheila comes back to Wentworth to apologize to Judy (532) and to promise that she will get the royalties. Judy is due for parole and Sheila asks if Judy would be her songwriter. She's going on tour and wants Judy to come along so they can work on new material for her album. Judy accepts and when she is released Sheila drives up in a white sports car to sweep Judy away to a life of riches, fame and romance.

Sheila was played by Colleen Hewitt a famous Australian singer from the 60s to the 80s