Arrival at Wentworth Edit

Sharon Gilmour was a drug dealer, who was caught when supplying marijuana to Tony Reid and his friends. She was sent to Wentworth, where her girlfriend Judy Bryant became jealous that Sharon was developing a relationship with inmate Chrissie Latham while on the inside.

Judy helped Sharon while she was inside by supplying her drugs, which Sharon could use to buy off prisoners for protection and so on. She was childish at times, and manipulative, which forced Judy's hand by getting herself arrested on a drug charge in order to be closer to Sharon.

Top Dog Edit

Sharon was a natural enemy of Bea Smith for her drug crimes. She threw hot soup at Bea's face. Bea gets Margo, Lil and Bev to cut Sharon's hair. Sharon originally shared a cell with Chrissie Latham. Judy kept causing trouble in order to be with Sharon, so in the end, Erica Davidson decided that the two of them may as well share a cell. She becomes top dog while Bea is in the Isolation Block, with Chrissie's support. She pushes drugs into the prison with Judy bring them to the prison and Judy leaving them in the toilet at the hospital so Chrissie can get them while she is visiting her baby.

While Judy was in hospital, Sharon attempted to flirt with artist inmate Kerry Vincent. However, Kerry was not interested in women and rejected her advances. Sharon takes revenge by ruining Kerry's painting for the local arts exhibition,

After the arrival corrupt screw Jock Stewart, things took a drastic turn for Sharon. Overhearing Jock make a threat towards Doreen Anderson, Sharon blackmailed Jock - she would keep silent in return for Jock doing her favours. Jock responded to this by pushing Sharon down a flight of stairs, killing her.

Jock revealed to Doreen and Judy what he had done, taunting them in the process, causing Judy to swear revenge.

Notes Edit

  • Margot Knight's first appearance in Prisoner playing a lesbian love interest.
  • Also portrayed corrections officer Terri Malone during episodes 540-576.