Shane Munroe (462-527), was a young boy who ran away from his abusive father and broke into Joan Ferguson's house looking for food and is taken in by Joan. After he gets stuck in a drain trying to save his dog, his father turns up at the hospital and threatens Joan. Joan then starts a custody battle with his father and although she loses, Shane is sent to a children's home where Joan visits him. Shane is then adopted by the Taylor family, where he continues to escape from them and seek refuge with Joan. After Joan meets his new foster parents and sees that they take great care of the boy, she realises she must break all ties with Shane and when he escapes from them again to stay with Joan, she rejects him and he runs away. Last seen in hospital with Joan where she wishes him goodbye.

The Shane Munroe plot line is seen by many Prisoner fans as one of the few times Joan Ferguson shows true emotions and feelings for others. It could be said that had Ferguson gotten custody of Munroe she probably would have turned her life around and not ended up in criminal activity in the end herself. Ferguson is seen spiraling out of control in the next coming episodes with more and more erratic behaviour.

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