Full name: Sarah Elizabeth Webster. Hides money for Reb Kean, and is first seen when she visits Reb to ask her to move it elsewhere (433). When Reb escapes, she goes to Sarah's to collect the money, but she is followed by Kevin Stansfield, who threatens Reb and Sarah. Sarah accidentally stabs Kevin in the stomach (it can happen) and Reb hides the body in the boot of the car she is driving. When Reb is captured, Sarah's documents are found on her and Sarah is taken to Wentworth on remand (437) with her baby son Joey. Judy Bryant tries to get Reb by letting Reb know that she going to be bashed and Sarah framed for it (440), but Sarah alerts Reb to the set-up. Sarah's wimpy boyfriend Barry visits her and they make it up, and when Tim Carter is caught and clears Sarah she is released (441).