Eva Braun lookalike, first seen as the cool and implacable chair of the parole board for Lizzie and Phyllis (416) where she is credited as Miss (naturally) Higgins. She is next seen as a Visiting Justice who gives additional sentences to Bobbie, Myra, Reb, Dot and Marie Winter (471). It seems out of character when she "does a favour" for Ann and is lenient on Bobbie Mitchell (488), but favours for others involving cash payments for light sentences lead to her imprisonment in Wentworth. Her semi-Nazi ideas horrify Meg. After being removed from isolation and put in H block, she is found one morning with her throat slit (499). There is no shortage of suspects, and Lou Kelly looks the likeliest, but the murderer is eventually revealed as Fran, though the case is closed without anyone being charged for the murder.

she is played by Nell Johnson

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