Sam Greenway is a young arts student framed for drug possession. While she is in prison, she asks for her real parents to be traced and finds out that her real name is Julie Ann Cameron. After being denied permission to see her mother, she escapes from Wentworth to visit her and meets her sister Sally Phillips as well. Sally is happy to see Sam but her mother tells Sam that she wants nothing to do with her and orders her to leave. Devastated by this, Sam promptly gives herself up and is taken back to Wentworth where Ann Reynolds admits that shortly after Sam's incarceration, she talked to her mother who said adamantly that she did not want to see Sam. Ann said she didn't tell Sam this because she thought Sally could convince her mother to come around. Sally later visits Sam to try to explain about why her mother rejected her and says she can still be her sister but Sam tells Sally that if she doesn't have a mother then she doesn't have a sister either. Shortly after this, Sam died when she was electrocuted by a wired door handle which had been set up for Myra Desmond by Lou Kelly and Alice Jenkins. Lou stages it to look like Greenway hanged herself, and it is Judy Bryant that finds her hanged in their cell.

Robbyn Gibbes previously played Melissa Norton