Sally dean

Officer Sally Dean

Sally Dean was a trainee officer at Wentworth Detention Centre, appearing from Episodes 184 - 186.

Sally Dean

Full Name:

Sally Dean


Trainee officer

First Appeared:

Ep 184

Last Appeared:

Ep 186



Played by:

Debra Lawrance

New to the jobEdit

Sally Dean arrived at Wentworth as a trainee officer, with virtually no experience. She was not a confident officer and had no idea how to interract with the prisoners.

Sally watches the way Vera Bennett talks to and treats the prisoners, and tries to do the same. As a result, Vera loves the fact that a junior officer is looking up to her.

Sally overhears a plan for the illiterate Georgie Baxter to memorize the page of a book to prove she can read in order to get parole. Sally exposes the plan, and this annoys the prisoners who decide to retaliate. The prisoners let Sally over hear a conversation about drugs hidden inside some pottery in David Andrews classroom, leading Sally to immediately go and smash all the pottery work in an attempt to find the drugs.

Erica Davidson is furious with Sally and gives her another chance to find her own way to deal with the prisoners, but eventually Sally realises she isn't cut out to be a prison officer, at least not at Wentworth.

Before Sally leaves Wentworth for good, Judy Bryant tells Sally the women would have treated her nicer if she gave them some dignity, something she clearly didn't do if she was learning from Vera.


  • Debra Lawrance would go on to make two more appearances on Prisoner, as a nurse, and later as inmate Daphne Graham.

Sally Dean was played by Debra Lawrance.

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