Rosie Hudson

Rosie Hudson was an inmate of Wentworth Detention Centre between Episodes 002 - 073.

Rosie Hudson

Full Name:

Rosie Hudson


Assualt (acquitted), Murder

First Appeared:

Ep 002

Last Appeared:

Ep 073


Alive, transferred to psychiatric hospital for treatment

Played by:

Anne-Marie McDonald

Life in PrisonEdit

We first see Rosie in Episode 002. She is pregnant, and fears for her baby, not wanting it to be born in prison. Meg Jackson reveals she was born in a prison herself in an effort to relate to her.

During the riot instigated by Franky Doyle, Rosie goes into premature labour. Meg helps Rosie until the others realise Meg's presence and take her hostage. Rosie is released before long, when Franky is warned it's in her best interests. After this ordeal, Rosie is eventually sent to hospital to have her baby, a boy named Sam.

Rosie is eventually transferred to the maternity wing, and we don't see her again until Episode 070, when her baby was reaching the age of one. Rosie was in denial about her baby being taken away and looked after by foster parents (something that happened to all pregnant prisoners).

When the baby does get taken away, Rosie suffers a breakdown. She later believed Chrissie Latham (who was already pregnant and in maternity), had something to do with Sam being taken away, and punched her in the stomach. Luckily for Rosie, it has no effect on Chrissie's baby.

We last see her in Episode 073, and in Episode 074, it's revealed she has been taken to a psychiatric facility for treatment.

Rosie Hudson was played by Anne-Marie McDonald.

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