Teenager Ros was unhappy with Toni McNally, understandably as she murdered Jackie Coulson, Ros' mother. Jackie was having an affair with Sean McNally, Toni's husband.

Ros managed to track Toni down and visits her at Wentworth, claiming to be a relation of Toni, but Ros reveals the truth during her visit. When Toni gets off at her trial, Ros takes the law into her own hands and shoots Toni outside the courtroom seeing it as justified.

At Wentworth, Ros has the view that she's done nothing wrong. She makes the first of three escape attempts, turning up at the halfway house occupied by Doreen Anderson and Karen Travers, and despite Doreen's pleas, Karen turns her away, agreeing not to call the police if she leaves. This escape is short lived as the next day Ros is discovered when she attempts to help a man having a heart attack, but not before attempting work as a prostitute only to be blackmailed by one of the McNally mob.

The second escape is plotted with another prisoner Janet Dominquez, who has terrorists coming to break her out. She agrees to take Ros in return for Ros' help. Naturally things don't go as planned, and the escape attempt ends with a terrorist attempting to kill Erica Davidson, but thanks to Ros' intervention, Erica is only shot in the arm.

She is eventually found after a tip off from Chrissie Latham. After this, Erica starts to help Ros realize that her attitude will not get her anywhere. Ros is given the option of finishing her studies, and getting some further qualifications.

She is eventually moved to a quieter cell block with other students to help with her studies. This is the last we see of Ros.


  • Ros is later mentioned to have received her qualifications.
  • There is no mention of Ros' release, or if she even did get released, but given her new found attitude, it's safe to say it happened off screen.
  • Sigrid Thornton has announced that she will appear in Season 4 of Wentworth as Sonia Stevens, a wealthy cosmetics entrepreneur and murder suspect.