Serves a 14-day sentence in Wentworth for soliciting (394), and is briefly put to work in reception before her release in. Her next appearance comes as a shock for Meg Morris when her son Marty Jackson introduces his new girlfriend "Jenni", who is Randi under another assumed name. Scott Collins helps to expose Randi's true nature to Marty by taking him to a prostitute on his stag night, who turns out to be Randi. Shortly afterwards, Randi returns to Wentworth on a three-week sentence (411). This time, she attempts to get back at Meg by framing her for stealing a diamond necklace, but this has been lifted from Meg's pocket by Pixie Mason. Randi has the misfortune to encounter killer screw David Bridges when Sonia Stevens fails to turn up, and she takes her place in his plan to "free" her (414). Our last sighting of Randi is after Bridges has murdered her and left her body on top of a boiler.

Randy (Jenni) was played by Zoe Bertram