Full name: Rachel Louise Milsom. Another illustration of how unwise it is to date a prison officer, or at least anyone connected with Wentworth. She is first introduced as the nice girl in the newsagent's who Rick Manning takes a fancy to. Rick is invited to dinner by Pop Milsom (452) but the relationship barely has time to develop before Pop is run over by a drunk driver (454). When the driver is found not guilty of manslaughter, Rachel runs him over outside court and finds herself in Wentworth (458). Rick leaves for another job almost immediately (the scriptwriters perhaps realising they had stretched credibility far enough with all the officer-prisoner relationships before) and Rachel joins forces with Judy and Leigh Templar to try to get Reb to confess to her drug involvement. She plays the nice girl for a little longer, until she is written out after her trial when she gets a five year sentence to be served on a prison farm (472).

She is played by Kim Trengove

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