Ann's daughter. Makes a surprise appearance in (540). Ann does not seem disconcerted that she is no longer called Julie, which is how she referred to her daughter in episodes (367), (378) and (417). In (544) when Ann has to speak sharply to her daughter, we find that Pippa is not a nickname or pet name but is short for Phillipa. Presumably with another Julie (Egbert) around at the same time, the scriptwriters could not risk any confusion. Pippa's first appearances concentrate on her affair with a married man, Simon, and her friendship with Jenny Hartley. She breaks off the affair, Jenny is imprisoned and she leaves for Japan (548). When next seen (561), it is with a Japanese boyfriend in tow: predictably this does not last long, but she starts screen printing classes at the prison, though the women are not pleased when she gives a newspaper interview throwing doubt on Daphne's PMS defence (564). Shortly afterwards she begins an on-off relationship with Daphne's lawyer Ben Fulbright: they get engaged in (576) and married in (588) with a biker escort from the Conquerors after Pippa has annoyed Rita. Pippa returns unexpectedly in (604), largely in order to be sniffy about her mother's involvement with a "bikie" , Dan Moulton.