Brought to Wentworth on remand for her father's murder (383). She is quickly drafted in to help teach the women, but when she hears about the new doctor, Scott, she deliberately drops an iron on her foot to get to see him (385). It turns out that they know each other and he has taken the job at Wentworth only to be near her. Their secret is pretty soon known by most of the women, and other secrets follow. In (386) she tells Lizzie that her father was sexually abusing her and was beginning to make advances to her younger sister Emma. What she does not tell Lizzie is that it was really Emma who killed their father. When Emma is found drowned (389), Scott urges Petra to change her story and save herself, but she refuses and is given a life sentence at her trial (398). Petra and Scott are married in Wentworth (404) and she is about to go for an appeal when a mistrial is declared and she is released (407).

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