Pentridge was one of the alternative prisons mentioned on Prisoner. It was mentioned from time to time, but never seen.

Officer Jim Fletcher served there for ten years before being transferred to Wentworth Detention Centre. Terry Harrison served here together with Jim.

Wentworth inmate Pat O'Connell's son David was serving time at Pentridge, and although he eventually escaped. He hung himself not long after his return.

At one stage, officers from Pentridge were needed at Wentworth to remove the prisoners from the dining room by force during a protest (196).

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Pentridge [1] was a real life prison located in Coburg, Vic.
  • After it's closure, much of the prison was knocked down to make way for shops and housing estates, however the front of the prison is still very much intact and is heritage listed.
  • Actors Colette Mann (Doreen), Val Lehman (Bea), Betty Bobbitt (Judy), Jane Clifton (Margo), Sheila Florance Lizzie), Patsy King (Erica), and Gerard MaGuire (Jim), appeared in a televised special filmed at Penridge in 1981. Appearing in character, the cast performed several songs and a sketch for some of the prisoners of Pentridge. It is available in Youtube if you search for 'Prisoner in Concert'
  • Collette Mann did volunteer work at Pentridge, teaching dance and movement to the prisoners, which when you think of it, is a funny image.