Paul became the social worker at Wentworth, replacing Jean Vernon 39 episodes after she last appears, though this may be due to The Department having trouble finding a replacement.

Paul was a good social worker, though he did let home troubles affect his work at times. After the death of his wife, Paul was a single father to his son Tony Reid, and forever trying to keep him out of trouble, especially when Tony wanted to quit his studies to work. Paul wanted Tony to finish to give him a better chance, however Tony promptly started to hang out with his pot smoking friends, and even participated in a drug deal from Sharon Gilmour.

Paul is blackmailed by Sharon over his son, but Paul manages to put an end to it, and supports his son in court. Although Tony is let off with a good behaviour bond, it's revoked when he's involved in a pub brawl over his pregnant friend, and is sent to a prison farm.

Working at WentworthEdit

On Paul's first day, he had to find his own way to Erica Davidson's office, as Vera Bennett and Jim Fletcher were too busy arguing with eachother. Chrissie Latham was the first prisoner to see him, asking for a move back to the laundry, which she got. She immediately told the other women he was a pushover, but Lizzie Birdsworth found out this wasn't true, when Paul pushed for her parole which she didn't want.

Paul was well liked by the women. Lizzie especially liked his box of cigarettes which he originally kept on his desk. He helped get behind the crafts project run by the prisoners, and usually got behind Bea Smith who believed she could do better if given a chance.

Paul let his family life affect his work at times, for instance, forgetting to post a letter for Lizzie, leaving her alone with nobody to meet her on her release.

New LifeEdit

Paul continued to worry about his son Tony after his release from the prison farm. Tony had trouble finding work being an ex criminal, and realising he'd missed too much of his studies. Paul and his son took up a business opportunity to run a service station in Adelaide, SA. Paul left Wentworth in the middle of his work, putting his family first.


  • Paul's sudden departure was due to health concerns for actor George Mallaby.
  • George Mallaby wrote some episodes while playing Paul and continued to write after Paul's departure.
  • The Character was still mentioned for a little while after he leaves, such as Gail Summers worrying as he was providing her support.