Officer Manson was a new officer at Wentworth, but one who had transferred from another prison, giving her the experience necessary to do her job for the most part, however, she left Wentworth not long after arriving.

While Erica Davidson's niece Barbara was sentenced to Wentworth Detention Centre, Officer Manson was doing the rounds as usual one morning, only to find Barbara was not ready for muster. Barbara told Officer Manson where to go, claiming it was far too early. Bea Smith and Monica Ferguson arrived in the doorway, and pointed out that Officer Manson could get in trouble if she was hard on Barbara, being the governors niece.

Officer Manson reported straight to Mrs Davidson claiming she didn't want to work in a prison where the governor granted her niece special favors, something Erica would never do as she wanted Barbara treated the same as the rest of the prisoners.

Officer Manson's treat of resignation was clearly only a threat as she was referred to in a later episode, however never seen again.

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  • Anne Phelan would later go to play a prisoner named Bernadette, before taking on the larger role of Myra Desmond.