Nora Flynn is a long-term, self-reformed prisoner transferred from Barnhurst. She acts as the new 'Top Dog' after the death of Myra Desmond . She had served 23 years for her involvement in the thrill-kill murder of three hitch-hikers. Perhaps inspired by the situation of the Charles Manson gang members, despite appearing to be self-reformed Flynn is repeatedly denied parole. When she arrives she has already escaped once from prison, and in doing so managed to get herself pregnant. But a scuffle with Lou denies Nora her dream of becoming a mother. Later learns her mother has died, and with little left to live for, she executes a mysterious escape from prison. Later her murdered corpse is dumped outside the prison: it transpires that after her escape she had been hunted down and killed by an ex-policeman serial killer with a grudge against prisoners.