Nora Flynn is a long-term, self-reformed prisoner transferred from Barnhurst. She acts as the new 'Top Dog' after the death of Myra Desmond .

She had served 23 years for her involvement in the thrill-kill murder of three hitch-hikers. Perhaps inspired by the situation of the Charles Manson gang members, despite appearing to be self-reformed Flynn is repeatedly denied parole. When she arrives she has already escaped once from prison, and in doing so managed to get herself pregnant. She attends Myra's Funeral. But a scuffle with Lou denies Nora her dream of becoming a mother. She becomes top dog after Lou Kelly takes over when Myra is killed. Later learns her mother has died, how ever she meets her mother and fines out she's alive. Nora looses control of the women when May and Willie have gone and Lou becomes top dog. She wants Rita to take over as top dog from Lou Kelly but Rita doesn't want to. She executes a mysterious escape from prison. Later her murdered corpse is dumped outside the prison: it transpires that after her escape she had been hunted down and killed by an ex-policeman serial killer with a grudge against prisoners.