Joan paid Niles Jesper to cause a motorbike accident that could have killed Will and Rose Atkins but didn't.

Piecing it together, Fletch realizes Ferguson's evil vendetta against Will and plans to reveal all to the department. But before he manages to, Fletch is targeted and run over by a speeding vehicle in front of Will's house which Nils was driving.

When Ferguson realises Bea is the driving force behind the complaint, she has Bea kidnapped by Nils Jesper.

Bea also sends Kaz Proctor and the Red Right Hand after Nils Jesper.

Joan gets Nils Jesper to finish the job on Matt but Matt wakes up just in time and turns the gun around and shoots him twice (nonlethal).

Death Edit

Killed by

Jake hijacks the prison van and takes him somewhere where shoots Nils three times in the chest and then douses him and the van with gas, tosses in the gun and proceeds to light it with a match, the van explodes destroying the evidence.

Nils death was to prevent him reaching court and giving evidence against Joan Ferguson, which would secure her release. This proved to be unsuccessful as Joan later killed Bea Smith outside the prison, and was subsequently charged for the murder.