One of the teenage delinquents sent on a day scheme to Wentworth to "scare them straight". Nikki is the worst of the bunch, accused of mugging pensioners. Nora Flynn is not impressed when Nikki pulls a knife on her but Nikki spends the next evening robbing a chemist and putting the blame on Joanna James, another of the juveniles. Nikki gets above her station by attempting to blackmail Joan Ferguson over her affair with Terri Malone . Nora and the other women trick Nikki into helping with an "escape" using the recently released Queenie Marshall to put the fear of God in her with her "thugs" (one of whom is an outrageous bald queen who wouldn't frighten anyone with half a brain). Other prisoners (like Lou) become convinced there actually is an escape plan and want to be in on it: Nikki eventually tells Lou there is no such plan.