Nev Sloan is an evil and desperate man who tries to blackmail both Stan Dobson and Bobbie Mitchell so that he can get Stans position in Wentworth. A friend of Lou Kelly, who tells him to apply the handyman job at Wentworth, which actually goes to Stan Dobson (483). Nev follows Stan and when he catches him cahnging out of uniform on the way to work, he realizes that he hasn't told his wife Edie that he is no longer a prison officer. He blackmails Stan to propose him as an extra handyman so he can smuggle goods to Lou (486). After finding Bobbie's marijuana plants, he puts pressure on her to have sex with him. Reb's attempt to use the death threats against Ann Reynolds to collect a ransom is hijacked by Lou and Nev, but Nev is caught when he picks up the money from a station rubbish bin (489).