A male nurse at Wentworth appointed after Sister Johnston resigns. He is apparently caring towards the women and takes a special interest in Chrissie Latham. It is Neil who realizes that Paddy Lawson suffers from claustrophobia and tells Colleen Powell to let her out of solitary. During a conversation with Tony Berman he says; "Whores are not made, whores are born", a first sign of his true nature. His feelings towards Chrissie change when he learns that she's an ex-prostitute. He arranges for Chrissie's escape by sending her to hospital for tests. Neil picks Chrissie up at the hospital and drives her to his country cottage. There Chrissie realizes that Neil indeed is a very sick man and that he is planning to kill her. Meanwhile, back at Wentworth, Steve Fawkner finds a black glove in the nurses office which identifies Neil as a serial killer. He is wounded by the police when they rescue Chrissie and arrest him. He was then transferred to Woodridge. When the women go there for the charity concert rehearsals he tries to kill Chrissie one more time but she is rescued by Paddy Lawson and Andy Hudson.

Adrian Wright had previously appeared as Graham Lang