Neil James Murray


Neil James Murray

First Appeared


Last Appeared



Murder x4, sexual assault x9

Played By

Adrian Wright



Neil Murray was a male nurse at Wentworth appointed in (305) after Sister Johnston resigns. He is apparently caring towards the women and takes a special interest in Chrissie Latham. It is Neil who realises that Paddy suffers from claustrophobia (307) and tells Colleen to let her out of solitary. He arranges Chrissie's escape by sending her to hospital for tests (315), but he then kidnaps her and Chrissie realises she has got out of her depth. Meanwhile, back at Wentworth, Steve Fawkner finds a black glove which identifies Neil as a serial killer. He is wounded by the police arresting him and sent to Hospital as the police shot him once they found his hiding place. He was then transferred to Woodridge (316). Chrissie then has to confront him again when the women go there for the charity concert rehearsals (318).

The role of Neil Murray was played by actor Adrian Wright.

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