Mum was given that name, because she was a bit of a mother to the prisoners. She was older, dignified, and accepted the women for who and what they were.

Mum was inside Wentworth Detention Centre for her first stint because she euthanized her husband. They had many good years together, before his illness made him suffer unbearably, so Mum took it into her own hands to end his suffering.

Upon her release, she found out her daughter Lorraine Watkins wants to have nothing to with her, except help her get set up to live comfortably, so Mum understandably parts company immediately. Mum winds up at the Watkins house when she has a fall. After hearing exactly how unwelcome she is, Mum makes up a story about staying with a friend, then immediately goes out and shoplifts, so she can be sent to Wentworth, essentially back to her home.

Mum is visited by her granddaughter Judith-Anne, and eventually finds out that Judith-Anne is pregnant. Eventually Mum is released and shares a flat with her granddaughter. They are visited by an escaped Bea Smith.

A while later, Mum's health deteriorates, and she is diagnosed with pleurisy. She eventually moves back in with her family.

Some time later, Bea Smith escapes again and turns up at Mum' doorstep with amnesia (199). Both Bea and Mum are returned to Wentworth. Mum is eventually acquitted of the charge of harbouring a fugitive (204), almost entirely due to Bea' s evidence that she forced Mum to take her in.

Last time we hear about Mum is that she has passed away in a heartattack. She has left a substancial amount of money to the women of Wenthworth, which helps to set up a fund to provide money for women about to be released.

Trivia Edit

  • Jeanette Brooke was born in Melbourne on May 7th, 1916