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The much put-upon cook at Wentworth. She is first seen when Erica comes to inspect the kitchens after Kay White complains about the food (135), where she is credited as "Mrs Reagan", though she is called Mrs O'Reagan in dialogue. Pixie annoys her with her experimental approach to cookery (381) - this might be the first glimpse of the new kitchen layout after the fire. She complains to Ann about missing sugar and yeast (399) which play their part in Bea's downfall. Doreen annoys her by trying to stage a sit-in in the kitchen (438). Her next credit is for (465) but she is not seen - presumably because she has been cut along with any contentious scene involving Edna Pearson . After she is scalded with hot fat by Dot Farrar (469), she retires from the series, to be replaced by Ray Proctor.

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