Heather Trapp ("Mouse"), appeared on Prisoner from Episodes 067 - 326, however she was only credited from Episode 106 on wards (See notes below)

Life In PrisonEdit

Mouse was nicknamed as a play on her surname, Trapp. Her first name was Heather. Also she was a character who seemed to appear from nowhere.

Mouse began as a background character, she was first seen with Bea Smith confronting Chrissie Latham after her return from Barnhurst , but they were both stopped by officer Meg Jackson. She was often in storylines involving drugs. Although she wasn't a pusher, she was a user, presumably to break up the boredom of prison. She was usually one of the first in line when anyone had drugs.

She escaped during the tunnel escape, and spent a short time on the run before being captured.

She later became a supplier technically as she supplied the heroin and needle which killed Donna Mason.


Mouse was tragically killed during the great fire when she opened a store room cupboard only to have the turpentine stored there explode all over her.


  • There is confusion over Mouse's first appearance. She is first credited as Mouse in 106, but appears as early as episode 74. On previous occasions, she was twice called Pauline, and on another occasion given the surname of White. It could be explained that Jentah played a different character called Pauline White before being given the name; Heather "Mouse" Trapp. This was most likely that they renamed her because "Mouse" was a new character, different than her previous character in manner of verbal, mental and physical demeanour.
  • An even earlier appearance, around Episode 18 or so, Jentah Sobott appears (look for her in the scene between Acting Governor Vera Bennett and the VJ. Jentah brings in the tea and vanilla slice, but is referred to as "Dwyer"
  • Mouse was 19 years of age when she died according to a radio broadcast in ep 334