Caroline Simpson 's ex-husband, who seems to be one of the only people who could testify to her husband's violent nature and make her claim to have murdered him in self-defense credible. He visits Caroline in prison but they argue and Jim Fletcher asks him to leave. When he gives evidence at Caroline's trial, he is annoyed that it is rejected in favour of the evidence of criminals. He takes to following Jim, and thus comes across Geoff Butler outside the court where Jim has given evidence against him. Michael proposes a deal: he will pay Geoff if can get Caroline to leave Jim and come back to him. Geoff involves Michael in a campaign of terror against Leila Fletcher , and then gets him to deliver a parcel supposedly containing drugs to Jim's hotel room. Michael does so, not knowing that the parcel contains a bomb, and it explodes killing Leila and her children. Michael is kidnapped by Geoff and taken to a deserted house, where Geoff plans to fake Michael's suicide after getting his fingerprints on the gun he intends to use to kill Jim. Michael escapes and seeks out Caroline at the halfway house, but she turns him in to the police, and we learn that he is to be held in a psychiatric unit, possibly forever.