Melinda was a classmate of Karen Travers , attending the same university. Melinda ended up having an affair with their lecturer Tom Burton, who was in turn trying to convince his wife he was a faithful man.

Melinda wanted Tom to leave his wife so they could be together, and went as far as blackmailing him. Tom was naturally nervous about this as his wife Carol threatened to murder both Tom and whoever his suspected lover if her suspicions were ever confirmed. Carol finds the photos, and Melinda still blackmails the pair, threatening to smear their name. Carol outsmarts Melinda though, and arranges for the police to catch her recieving a pay off.

Life Inside PrisonEdit

Melinda's stay in prison didn't last too long. She found out that she was pregnant, to Tom. With this, she was able to talk to Dr Greg Miller , and convince him to be a character witness in court, testifying that Melinda only did what she did out of a need to be with the father of her child.


Upon her release, Melinda revealed to Greg that everything was a lie, and that now she was out of prison, she intended to have an abortion, worrying Greg as this means she would have committed perjury. Realising her predicament, Melinda gets an abortion using Karen's identity. Greg soon finds out and confronts Melinda. But it's too late. The baby is gone and Melinda is free to stalk more men.