Meg Jackson is a character on Wentworth, the re-imagined version of Prisoner. She is played by Catherine McClements.

Meg JacksonEdit

Meg was the governor of Wentworth Correctional Centre, making her already much different to her original counterpart. She is played by Catherine McClements.

She was a firm but fair governor, who was quite experienced with her work.  She got along with most staff, and was more than capable of returning any smart comments that the prisoners would sometimes make about her.

She was married to Officer Will Jackson. It's not known how long they were married for. She had been undergoing fertility treatments which were successful but it is revealed later that she had an abortion.

Meg seemed to get along with most officers, however she was aware of the way Vera Bennett would try to involve herself in the womens lives, instead of focusing on the bigger picture of running a prison.


Meg was killed at the end of Episode 1 during a riot.  Bea Smith was prime suspect for the murder, as she was found covered in blood.  Bea in fact, tripped over Meg's body, while trying to chase young Kaiya, and keep her out of harm's way in the riot. Franky is responsible for killing her.

Other InfoEdit

  • Promotional material suggested that Meg Jackson was one of the main characters, due to her promotional photos, and charater bio on the SoHo website. This could have been to cover up the shock ending of Episode 1.  It's also possible that it was the writers way of pointing out that we shouldn't expect the show to be anything like the original.
  • Meg appeared in Episode 2 (in pictures, while Will was looking at pictures on his computer.)
  • There is speculation that Catherine McClements may return (in flashback form).

Appearances Edit

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"No Place Like Home"
"Fly Me Away"
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