May Worth, she is named as "Worth" in the roll call outside Woodridge in (318). When the women are counted back in

(320) on their return from Woodridge, she is again referred to as "Worth". However, in earlier appearances different names are used: in (65) Vera says she will ask "Birdsworth, O'Connell and Flynn" to serve dinner in the cells, so in this scene she must be meant to be "Flynn". Thanks to Mark Branch for pointing out another possible name for her when Lizzie says to her at her release party in (88): "Don't do anything I wouldn't, Lil" . He also points out that she can be seen wearing Vera's jacket during the rooftop protest after Sharon Gilmour's death (121). Adair Stagg must be one of the few backgrounders to get non-prisoner roles, two of them in fact.She was called Kate Carter in (672). She also appeared as an ex prostitute friend of Jesse Windom credited as Anna in (590).

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