Martha Eaves

Martha Eaves appeared as an inmate at Wentworth Detention Centre from Episodes 029 - 064.

Martha Eaves

Full Name:

Martha Eaves


Theft, Murder

First Appeared:

Ep 012

Last Appeared:

Ep 064


Alive and Transferred

Played by:

Kate Jason

Prison LifeEdit

Martha began on Prisoner as a non-speaking extra, and therefore not credited for those roles, for example, we see her leaving Doctor Miller's office after he treats her for a burn, and later we see her working in the laundry background.

Her first line was uttered while harrassing Anne Yates. She is later seen agreeing to support Noeline Burke in return for a few packets of smokes. She is also involved in the storyline about Joyce Martin and the payrol robbery.

Also involved in the storyline about child murderer Bella Allbrecht, she actually murders her by drowning her in a washbasin after hearing Bella refer to Martha as stupid, sharing the same view of Martha as the rest of the prisoners, and on many occasions, Martha IS shown to be not very bright.

At one stage, Martha took Vera Bennett as a hostage and threatened her with a fork to her neck, but was eventually disarmed by Jim Fletcher.

On arrival of inmate Toni McNally, Martha was used as muscle to take over as top dog while Bea Smith was in solitary. After the conclusion of the McNally storyline, Martha was not seen again. Her last appearance was being knocked unconscious by Bea.

Martha Eaves was played by Kate Jason

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