Mark Brendan is a man pretending to be someone else (Mick O'Brien) when he meets Chrissie Latham. He visits her in Wentworth in (188), and Chrissie claims he is Elizabeth's father from their time together in Barnhurst in hopes that she may be able to get a visit in the new "marital suite". He continues to visit and eventually proposes to Chrissie, taking her back to his new flat to live with him when she is paroled. He is incredibly patient of Chrissie's tantrums, and the fact that she tells him she is only interested in him as it makes it easier for her to see Elizabeth in the children's home. When the police are called after Chrissie fails to return Elizabeth to the home on time, one of the detectives recognises Mick, and he is arrested (193) as his real name is Mark Brendan, and he escaped 10 years before and is still on the run. [So why didn't they recognise him at Barnhurst?]. He is sentenced to all the remaining period of his original sentence plus a year (195).

Mark was played by Michael Long