Major Ferguson is the father of Joan Ferguson. He seems to be unaware of Joan's "villainous" personality, and she is always respectful and soft-mannered around him. Joan feels she is not as important in her father's eyes as her brother Brian and is constantly trying to prove herself to him.

He is first seen when visiting her and being shown round the prison (363), and she feels rejected by him when he ignores her at dinner in favour of Colleen Powell and Meg Jackson. He visits again in (423), while Joan is Acting Governor, and sees her humiliation by the women when Erica Davidson inspects Wentworth.

He is kidnapped by Gary Wilder, Reb Kean's partner in crime, as part of a plot to free Reb (424) but he manages to escape in the end. He goes with Joan for tests to Sydney (445)-(446) and is diagnosed as having leuchemia. Visits Joan to offer support after her sacking and for custody fight over Shane (475). Joan is called to his bedside in hospital where he dies (522).

Major Ferguson was played by Carl Bleazby