This is a list of all the main characters in Prisoner Cell Block H

Character Actor  Status Duration
Bea Smith Val Lehman Deceased 1-400
Franky Doyle Carol Burns Deceased 1-20
Doreen Anderson Colette Mann Alive 1-446
Lizzie Birdsworth Sheila Florance Alive 1-418
Lynn Warner Kerry Armstrong Alive 1-44
Karen Travers Peta Toppano Alive 1-80
Gladys 'Marilyn' Mason Margaret Laurence Alive 1-16
Meg Jackson Elspeth Ballantyne Alive 1-692
Marty Jackson

Ronald Korosy, Andrew McKaige & Michael Winchester

Alive 1-692
Vera Bennett Fiona Spence Alive 1-224
Erica Davidson Pasty King Alive 1-454
Greg Miller Barry Quin Alive 1-110
Eddie Cook Richard Moir Alive 1-16
Jean Vernon Christine Amor Alive 14-56
Steve Wilson James Smilie Alive 15-42
Monica Ferguson Lesley Baker Alive 15-60
Joyce Barry Joy Westmore Alive 29-692

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