Joan Ferguson's manipulative niece, described as daughter of Joan's brother Ted (though elsewhere Joan's brother is referred to as Brian). Breaks into Joan's house, persuades her to let her stay while she looks for a job and to lend her money to buy new clothes for an interview. In fact, she buys drugs, which she and her boyfriend hide in Joan's house until they can deal them. Lucy is arrested for possession but gives a false name, so when she is brought to Wentworth, no-one realizes her connection to Joan. Lucy blackmails Joan into doing her favours (so much so that Maxine Daniels suspects that Lucy is Joan's new girlfriend) and eventually gets Joan to arrange her escape, along with Maxine. When Maxine falls and sprains her ankle jumping out of the laundry truck, Lucy goes off without her. She sends a letter to Joan to tell her there were no drugs hidden in her house, after Joan has torn her furniture apart trying to find them.